Why Do We Have Laws?

In the land of the free, people often wander about the limitations of laws and why we have the need to have laws if supposedly America is the land of the free.

A political system that has no laws would be an anarchist society, though it is not what most people think. An anarchist society is not necessarily about living in a lawless country where everyone is out for themselves, but rather its philosophy and principle lies in people knowing their freedom while respecting other people’s freedom.

In a way it is similar to a Utopian society however without any restrictions and bounds by a government or elitists at the top. Unfortunately the principle of anarchy and living in an anarchist society, though sounds good on paper, in practice it is very different.

Anarchism In practice

People by nature are not all good and want the best for everyone, so there will be cases where people who commit atrocious acts and infringe upon other people’s freedom and get away with it.

It is a nice thought to have where everyone is nice to each other and where everyone just does their own thing, but we have to deal with envy, anger, resentment, and many other dark sides of human nature. Unless there is something to prevent them from commiting such acts, it would be a free for all for everyone since there are no rules.

There needs to be basic guidelines for certain rules to follow and there needs to be punishment to prevent horrible acts.

How Laws Can Actually Bring More Freedom

Laws are there to protect the freedomds and rights of an individual. Though it is not perfect and though there are plenty of areas to improve on, it’s the best we have so far.

In a world where we have absolute freedom and no rules, it is very easy to be caught up in a snowball effect. It is somewhat similar to a complete capitalist society. In a complete capitilist society, a business can create a monopoly if it accrues enough power and authority. Which then can lead to them threatening any competitors and suppressing others because they achieved full control.

In order to protect the little people, we came up with laws that makes it harder for absolute control. There is a saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

How Knowing Your Rights Can Help You

Knowing your rights and limitations is an absolute essential part of living. Otherwise if you let people take advantage of your rights or infringe upon your rights, you are doing a disservice to all the people who have fought for human rights and laws.

So next time when you think your rights are being violated and you deserve your say in a case, our team of lawyers are ready to service your needs so that you get a voice.

While we would be living with absolute freedom in a perfect world, we currenly live in an imperfect world with imperfect systems and people.